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Norsentio's plug-and-play platform will improve your business.

Enabling new revenue streams

Why should not a company with an existing relation to a household sell other relevant products for the household? Why should it not be your company?

The modern economy posesses new opportunities for established businesses looking into developing into adjacent areas with products that can secure revenue, growth and profitability. All powered by their key assets like the customer relationships, customer insight and customer loyalty.

With SmartUP we offer a low cost and low risk platform that enables established companies to move into adjacent areas with their business.

In a few weeks you can be a Digital Service Provider.

Leverage on our established ecosystem of partners spanning from telcos, utility, fitness, financial products and retailers - or let us connect your partners into the ecosystem to enable you to new revenue stream increasing your business - fast and at low cost and risk.

Let your business partners pay for your customers

What if your customers could benefit from relevant and valuable products, paid for by your business partners? What if their mobile subscription or monthly fee at the fitness centre could be for free thanks to your business partners.

With Norsentio SmartUP you can deliver value to your customers that they would not like to miss out on.

Loyalty for you customers - revenue for you

Our SmartUP platform builds loyalty based on relevance and value to the customer. SmartUP is an open plug-and-play platform for brands/retailers and consumers to plug into and interact with with each other and create revenue and loyalty across industries.

Implemented in a few weeks

SmartUP is a plug-and-play platform that can be implemented in days or weeks, and not in months.

With a plug-in to your existing business app we can enable your customers the benefits within your current app environment, and you can offer the benefits to your customers at low cost and low risk.

Loyalty with instant reward of your customers choice

With instant gratification of benefits customers are more eligible to use the benefits of the loyalty program and the conversion rates of your partners increases. SmartUP offers instant gratification of reward, like the opportunity of getting instant free mobile data or discounts on the mobile bill.

The retailers offers relevant and valuable promotions to the end customers. By combining the service companies, the retailer and the brands we create an ecosystem where the customers are the winners and the retailers and service companies get loyal customers.

Our deal and currency exchange engine is at the heart of the platform. The end customers can redeem retail deals at their choice, and earn currency points that can be exchanged for services. The currency exchange engine keeps track of the deals and the amount of reward the customer can get from banks, telcos, utility and fitness.

Personalised customer experience and engagement

The ability to engage your customers along the customer journey creates a better customer experience, and increases the probability of customer sales. Contextual awareness, location based services and smart insights enable us to deliver relevant and valuable content to the end customer along the customer journey.

We use several proximity technologies to increase customer engagement and conversion. iBeacons and geofencing enables us to knowing the location, and together with the context and preferences of the customers gives a unique opportunity for a relevant customer dialougue and to influence the customer on key decision points.

Driving Conversion rates

The success of the platform is measured by the engagement and conversion rate of the customers.

By delivering relevant and valuable content, and engaging experiences we enable higher rates of sign-ups and sales.