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Relevant communication in the right place at the right time is never considered spam. A notification stating that you have a member benefit or offer when you are on your way to the store is potentially useful information. A new message one hour later that asks you to rate your experience is potentially good service.

Bjørn Morten Steimler Sales Manager, Norsentio

Profile engine

The profile engine is the foundation of a user-oriented solution. The solution gathers information about the customers, and it can scale across different solutions: Web, app, physical locations, etc. To provide context-sensitive information, one must understand the customer's behavior. The profile engine helps you to ensure the relevant basis for one-to-one communication. Packed into a good solution, you can easily understand when, what, and how to communicate, as well as understanding the context in which the user is located. Where is he/she, what is he/she interested in, and what has he/she been doing before? Relevant communication with your customers ensures that you are a horsehead in front of your competitors.

Norsentio's profile engine collects customer data

We can collect information about a user based on the user's consent to share the information with us. What offers do they prefer? When do they visit your store? What news interests them?

We connect the physical and digital worlds

Using location technology such as beacons, geofencing and Wi-Fi, we can associate users with physical locations.

Sensor Technology

Norsentio is a supplier of innovative power. We help you to see digital surfaces in the context of users' movements in the physical world. To achieve this, we use different sensor technologies. For example, data from sensor solutions can be used to see when defined segments are most likely to visit your store.



Beacons are small devices/transmitters that are placed in specific locations to send inquiries to smartphones via Bluetooth. This is similar to a lighthouse, which sends light signals to boats. This can, for example, be used to provide a message that is particularly relevant to the area in which the recipient is located.



Wi-Fi is also called WLAN or wireless network. We use Wi-Fi to recognize a user who is on a guest network or in a defined wireless zone.



Geofence is used to monitor or map an object's movements or relocations. This technology is used, for example, within Google Maps' map navigation. Generally, geofencing is used to report movements, and in an underlying system, on a map or with an alarm, to indicate whether the device has entered or leaving the area.

Insight and Analytics

We have a flexible and robust platform that shows the connection between users and their behavior.


We know how to collect customer data across platforms, including websites, apps, store visits, and the like. These relationships act as footprints of the customer. This can help you to identify common features in customers looking at products in stores, so you can encourage them to order online or vice versa.

Target Audience

By analyzing the correlations in customer data, you can define brand new audiences. Target groups can be segmented into niches. This improves your ability to communicate relevant information and to increase conversion rates.


With our insight tools, you can see and compare patterns at the moment of conversion so that you can optimize your message. You can also see which segments converge better than others so that you can make informed decisions related to your customer communication.

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