In the digital era, users aren't supposed to search through heaps of apps, brochures, and websites to find the information they're seeking. Relevant information should be easily accessible within the users' context. Technology that is available today allows this.

Rune Øien Co-founder, Norsentio

What makes us preferred?

Norsentio consists of a creative and dynamic team that expands far beyond ordinary positions. The company is a union of some of the foremost heads in mobile technology. Backgrounds vary and include PwC, E&Y, LinkMobility, Telia, Ice, Telenor, and CIBER. In addition, we picked up a "techie" from the street in Silicon Valley. With this expertise, backed by a solid delivery organization in Estonia – focusing on delivery discipline, strategic business development, and customer success, we represent something a little different in the market.


Rune Øien
Co-Founder, metalhead og Captain of the ship

Based on experience in the Armed Forces and the development of delivery teams within various IT organizations, Rune provides the bedrock structure of Norsentio and focuses on the customers and their users.

Bjørn Morten Steimler
Sales Manager and a simple guy from Elverum

Bjørn Morten specializes in customer relations. By combining customer development in LinkMobility and various of positions in the Norwegian startup scene, Bjørn Morten has a strategic edge and a pragmatic mindset that ensures customer-oriented solutions.

Ivan Hagen
Founder, visionary and all-out LSK-supporter

Ivan was the one who had the basic idea around Norsentio back in 2014, based on the canvas of disruption the telecom industry faced from global Internet actors. Ivan runs continuously with technology-based business development and has entrepreneurial blood flowing through his veins as part of his family's legacy in founding the company Software Innovation.

Torgrim Torstveit
Co-Founder, telecom architect and a happy camper

Torgrim is the very definition of the customer focus for Norsentio. With his strong consultancy background, it is no shock when his customers score best in customer service. Torgrim ensures that the bigger picture is connected and always identifies strongly with the customer's needs.


Meelis Aus
Head of Development

Meelis is a former development consultant at Ericsson, and because he was a good match, he become our development manager in Tallinn with responsibility for the development team, recruitment of special expertise when needed, and scoping of lean projects.

Elo Pelovas

Elo's job description includes "creating innovative digital solutions with Norsentio." Elo performs analysis based on the solution design that comes from our workshops – ensuring that the solution design reflects the customer's strategic value drivers.

Juri Mulenko
.NET Bandit

Juri has built software for over a decade. He is a .NET specialist and has created a variety of solutions based on the needs of different companies. He loves technology and has contemporary competence that ensures that we can quickly realize new concepts.

Board of Directors

Kjell Egil D. Sommerseth
Our alibi

Kjell is an engaged board representative with background in investment activities, law, and innovation consultancy. In addition to holding a tireless customer focus, he ensures that we are always running a proper business.

Ove Jørgen Carlsen
Business Model Guru

Ove Jørgen is a triathlete with a black jersey from Norseman (!) with a long background in the consulting industry and management experience in the media sector. We never avoid questions about commercialization and business models in our projects.