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Businesses looking for digital transformation and new revenue streams use our platform to create fast, smart and efficient solutions tailored for their industry.

Customer: Youfone, a mobile operator in the Netherlands. Launched their partner savings program for their customers in June 2016 based on our SmartUP platform.

Business Objective: Creating new revenue streams by letting the business partners pay for the mobile subscription.

Customer need: Youfone wanted to give their customers a possibility to earn Youcoins by shopping in e-tailers(web-shops). The Youcoins could then be exchanged into mobile data or reduction in their mobile bill.

Solution: Youfone wanted a web based solution connected to their MyYoufone. We made a plug-in to their web, that connected to SmartUP where we implemented the e-tailers deals.

My profile and marketplace for exisiting Youfone customers.
Channel overview with all customer entry points pointing at the Youcoins marketplace.

Customer: SBIO - Student organisation at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.

Business Objective: SBIO wanted to launch an app with good deals that the students at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo woud not like to miss out on.

Customer need: Most students at BI have a limited monthly budget, and everything that can help the students get more for the money is a good thing. SBIO wanted to give their students an app with good student deals from their retail partners.

Solution: Together with ChiliMobil we launced a SBIO student mobile subscription that was the cheapest in the market. It included free voice and messages, and 8 Gb of mobile data.

In addition we created an app containing good deals for the students, where all the good student deals could be handled that when redeemed would reduce the cost of the mobile subscription.

Local restaurants, coffee shops, retailers and mobile providers are all important parts in the application for BI’s students.

The students can choose from a variety of different personalised and beneficial deals in their local neighbourhood to save money on their mobile service provider. Either by converting it to extra data quotas or getting a discount on their next invoice. For the local businesses this means new customers while the students get free mobile subscription by simple everyday choices: buying coffee or lunch at one place instead of the other.

Customer: Telenor, a tier 1 operator from Norway with presence in Europe and ASIA

Business Objective: To build customer loyalty.

Customer need: Telenor wanted to give their customers a feeling of being valued and appreciated.

Venue: Ullevål Stadion

Telenor is the largest telecom operator in the Norwegian market. They are also a partner with the Norwegian football association. This year Telenor decided to run a campaign at the Norwegian cup final.

As a football supporter in Norway, there is no bigger thing than the cup final. It is the perfect end of a long season. It is the ultimate celebration for the club, the players and the supporters. The winner becomes the norwegian champions and get the big Trophy.

In 2015 the cup final was played at the 22nd of November between Rosenborg and Sarpsborg. The whole weekend Oslo, the capital of Norway, were invaded by supporters from the two clubs. And among them a lot of Telenor customers.

Campaign Implementation

Telenor customers arriving at the cup final would get a notification on the phone where Telenor welcomes them to the cup final. In the MittTelenor app they will then have a voucher offering them free coffee and a warm seat cover to keep warm this cold Norwegian November day.

To execute the campaign we decided to install beacons on the stadium. Together with our business partner FluxLoop we deployed beacons at Ullevål stadium.

Piloting at the playoff match between Norway and Hungary
Together with Telenor we decided to pilot the campaign at the qualifying playoff match for the Euro2016. We wanted to test the technology in large scale to get experience on how the beacons, technology and communication works in crowded and cold environments.

22nd of November – The Cup Final at Ullevål stadium.
22nd of November – The Cup Final at Ullevål stadium.
22nd of November – The Cup Final at Ullevål stadium.

The Campaign

It was over 23.000 supporters at the final. The campaign was received by 600 Telenor customers. 300 read the notification. 200 redeemed the voucher and experienced the difference!

You can read more about the campaign here:

Customer: Telia Norway (former NetCom), the Norwegian branch of the Swedish tier 1 operator Telia Company (former TeliaSonera) with presence in Europe and ASIA

Business Objective: Improve customer communication along the Omni-Channel customer journey.

Customer need: Telia Norway works with the customer journey to give their customers a better omni-channel customer experience. In order to improve communication Telia wanted to investigate and gain experience on how beacons can be used to interact with customers and to drive conversion rate across digital and physical channels.

The project showcased that almost 40% of the customers that received a notification on the phone when they were in proximity of a shop also went into the shop. 50% of the customers that read the notification ended up redeeming the promotion. Further on 90.000 profiles were created from customers visiting either the web, app or the physical shop and 6.500 of these had actions from both web and app.

Campaign Setup: We set up a campaign able to detect customer interactions from the web, the app and the physical stores. The intention were to detect how the physical and digital channels interweaves in the customer journey. How does the customer use the different channels to investigate and buy the products? How can the channels be tuned to interweave to increase sales?

Our platform was added to the MinSide app to enable location based services and beacon support. This enables Telia to interact with their customers having the MinSide app on their iPhone when they walk by a Telia shop installed with beacons. Beacons were installed in three Telia shops in Oslo. In each shop two beacons were installed, one to detect customers outside the shop, and one to detect customers inside the shop.

Campaign Results:

  • A total of 1.900 unique visits in the physical shops
  • In total 953 gift cards where issued, and total conversion rate were 28 %
  • In total 47% of customers who opened gift cards redeemed the gift card
  • 90.000 identifiable profiles where created and more than 3.000.000 customer activities have been logged
  • 31.000 of these are app profiles and 6.500 of the profiles have actions from both web and app

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